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COPA ITI MS Word MCQ [PDF] 2023-24

COPA ITI MS Word MCQ most important questions and answers for ITI Theory 2023-24 Exam Paper Preparation with pdf.  COPA ITI MS Word MCQ  1 W...

COPA ITI MS Word MCQ most important questions and answers for ITI Theory 2023-24 Exam Paper Preparation with pdf.


1 Which command is used to store the active document permanently?

A Save

B Send

C Prepare

D Save as

Ans. a


2 Which shortcut key is used to high light the entire word document?

A ctrl + A        

B ctrl + O

C ctrl + S       

D ctrl + E

Ans. a


3. The print resolution (quality) and colour preferences may be set using ______option available in print dialog.

(a) collate

(b) scale

(c) printer properties>Finishing->Print on both sides

(d) Properties>Paper/Quality

Ans. d


4.What is the purpose of quick access toolbar?

A To hold advance function

B To hold special function

C To hold basic function

D To hold familiar and repeated function

Ans. d


5 Which bar contains the current position of the cursor in MS Word?

A layout

B title bar

C status bar

D horizontal ruler

Ans. c


6 Where does the close button appear in MS Word?

A top left corner of the window                  

B bottom left corner of the window

C top right corner of the window               

D bottom right corner of the window

Ans. c


7.Which one of the following is text styling feature of MS Word?

A word fill      

B word art      

C word colour           

D word font

Ans. b


8.Which option is used to view an exiting word document?

A new             

B open           

C publish       

D prepare

Ans. b


9.Which document view given an appearance as in web browser?

A Draft view                          

B Outline view

C Web layout view               

D Full screen reading

Ans. c


10.How many groups are there in Home Menu?

A 4

B 5

C 6

D 7

Ans. b


11.Which group includes superscript, subscript, strike through options in MS Word?

A Clipboard

B Font

C Paragraph

D Style

Ans. b


12.What in the purpose of button?

A Close button

B Office button

C Maximize buttons

D Minimize button

Ans. a


13.What is the purpose of zoom option?

A Enlarge and reduce document / text size

B Move up and down document / picture

C Scroll left and light document / picture

D Minimize and maximize the document / picture

Ans. a


14.Which option is used for tab setting?

A horizontal ruler                 

B status bar

C vertical ruler                      

D vertical scroll bar

Ans. a


15.What in the purpose of vertical scroll bar?

A Move the document up and down        

B Move the document left side

C Move the document right side               

D Move the document only upwards

Ans. a


16.What in the purpose of undo action in MS Word?

A Restore previous action             

B Get the current action

C Goes to previous page               

D Goes to previous paragraph

Ans. a


17.Which option is used to activate and deactivate ruler?

A View → grids                    

B View → ruler

C Insert → tool bar              

D Insert → ruler

Ans. b



18.What is the purpose of cover page?

A Allows to fill title, author, date and other information

B Fills the list of people intent to mail

C To view the mailed list

D Contains details of the documents

Ans. a


19.Which menu contains, Symbol option in MS Word?

A tools

B table

C format

D insert

Ans. d


20.Which option is used to locate any specific character, symbols or formulas in a document?

A Find

B Searching text

C Replace

D Selecting text

Ans. a


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