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COPA Paper 2019 [Original Theory Question Paper Answer Key ]

ITI COPA Paper 2019, 1st semester (Session 2017-2018) Original Theory Question Paper NCVT with Answer Key for Computer Operator and Programm...

ITI COPA Paper 2019, 1st semester (Session 2017-2018) Original Theory Question Paper NCVT with Answer Key for Computer Operator and Programming Assistant Trade Students.

 COPA Paper 2019 






TIME: 2 HRS.                                                                                                       MARKS: 100

 Note: Attempt all the questions. All questions carry equal marks.


1. This data type allows alphanumeric characters and special symbols.

a)    Memo                   

b) text                         

c) auto number                     

d) currency

Ans. b


2.   Which of the following is not a database object ?

a)    Form                     

b) tables                     

c) reports                    

d) relationship

Ans. d


3.   Which field type can store photos ?

a)    Hyperlink 

b) OLE                        

c) memo                     

d) text

Ans. b


4.   Which of the following data type is used to store logical values in MS access?

a)    Yes/no                 

b) on/off                     

c) True/False 

d) all of these

Ans. c


5.   Any report, including a basic report, can be modified in____.

a)    Print preview       

b) Report view          

c) Layout view          

d) all of these

Ans. c


6.   Word wrap means

a)    Aligning text with the right margin     

b)    inserting spaces between words

c)    moving text automatically to the text line

d)    none of these

Ans. c


7.   The document can be zoomed maximum up to:

a) 100%                    

b) 200%                     

c) 400%                                  

d) 500%

Ans. d


8.   To select a sentence, click anywhere on the sentence while holding the following key.

a)    Shift                      

b) ctrl              

c) alt                            

d) esc

Ans. b


9.   What is the shortcut key for “subscript” the selected text?

a)    Ctrl++                   

b) ctrl +shift ++          

c) ctrl +shift+=           

d) ctrl + =

 Ans. d


10. Inside which HTML element do we put the java script?

a)    <scripting>                 

b) <script>                       

c) <javascript>           

d) <js>

Ans. b


11.  How to write an IF statement in java script?

a)    If i=5                     

b) if (i==5)                  

c) if i=5 then        

d) if i==5 then

Ans. b


12. HTML stands for     

a)    Hypertext markup language    

b) holistic technical method library

c) Hypertext makes line                  

d) none of these      

Ans. a


13. <a> and </a> are the tags used for                                                                      

A) Adding                                                            

B) Aligning test                    

C) Audio-voiced Makes line                 

D) None of these

Ans. a


14.   Which tag tells the browser where the page starts and stops?                      

A) <Html>                                    


C) <head>                 

D) <title>

Ans. a


15. Which tag can set the background color for your page?                                             

A) <body>                                    



D) <title>

Ans. a


16. In the Tally software, which one of the following directories stores all data entered by the user?                  

A) Bin             

B) Sub                        

c) data                        

D) Database

Ans. c


17. Creating a new company in tally from company info Menu is possible by selecting:-       

A) New company       

B) Start company     

C) Create       

D) Create Company

Ans. d


18. In tally, which voucher type is used to transfer amount from one bank to another?                      

A) Payment                     

B) Receipt                             

C) Journal                 

D) Contra

Ans. d


19.  TDS is applied on which of the following incomes?                                        

A) Professional                                     

B) Commission of Iottery ticket     

C) Salary income                      

D) All of these

Ans. d


20.  Rates& Taxes comes under ________ Group.                         

A) Income               

B) Duties &Taxes     

c) Expenditure        

D) None of these

Ans. b


21.  Which of the following VBA windows shows the code of the active object?

A) Explorer window                               

B) Properties window                     

C) Immediate Windows                         

D) Code window

Ans. d


22. The function procedures are _____ by default.

a)    Public                   

b) private                    

c) protected   

d) none of these

Ans. a


23. Extension of active X designers is

a)    .dsr                        

b) .axd                        

c) .adx                       

d) none of these

Ans. a


24. In visual basic, the declaration of variables is done by _____ key word.

a)    Int              

b) dim             

c) static                       

d) declare

Ans. b

25.   ________is the property which is used to hide the content in textbox with some symbols.

a)    Name                   

b) captions                

c) hidden                   

d) password char

Ans. d


26.  A computer cannot ‘boot’ if it does not have the

a)    Compiler              

b) loader        

c) hidden                   

d) password 

Ans. c


27.   The initial value of the semaphore that allows only one of the many processes to enter their critical sections, is

a)    8                            

b) 1                             

c) 16                           

d) 0

Ans. b


28.  An algorithm is best described as

a)    A computer language              

b)    a step by step procedure for solving a program

c)    a branch of mathematics

d)    none of these

Ans. b


29. Which of the following is false about disk when compared to main memory?

a)    Non-volatile                                                        

b) longer storage capacity             

c) lower price per bit                                               

d) faster

Ans. d


30.  Which of the following is false about disk  when compared to main memory?

a)    Allocates resources                   

b) monitors activities                       

c) manage disks and files             

d) all of these

Ans. d


31.Which of the following tool allows you to change your default X window desktop?

a)    Switchdesk                     

b) intrc                        

c) xinitre                     

d) xchange

Ans. a


32. When did IBM release the first version of disk operating system dos version 1.0?

a)    1981                     

b) 1982                       

c) 1983                       

d) 1984

 Ans. a


33. Bullets and numbering is in ____tab

a)    Home tab                         

b) insert tab   

c) page layout tab    

d) view tab

Ans. a


34.  Which of the following is graphics solution for word processers?

a)    Clip art                 

b) word art     

c) drop cap    

d) all of these

Ans. d


35.  Which file starts MS word?

a)    Word.exe 

b) winword.exe         

c) msword.exe          

d) word2003.exe

Ans. b


36.  Portrait and landscape are

a)    Paper size           

b) page layout          

c) page orientation   

d) format

Ans. c


37. Which of the following line spacing is invalid?

a)    Single                 

b) double                   

c) triple                       

d) multiple

Ans. c


38.  Which of the following is the largest version of ms word?

a)    Word 2000           

b) word 2007             

c) word 2010             

d) word 2011

Ans. c


39. The last address of IP address represents

a)    Unicast address                         

b) network address 

c) broadcast address                                   

d) none of these

Ans. c


40. How many layers does OSI reference model has?

a)    4                            

b) 5                             

c) 6                              

d) 7

Ans. d


41.  Difference between T568A and T568B  is

a)    Difference in wire color                       

b) difference in number of wires

c) just difference length of wires

d) just difference manufacturer standards

Ans. d


42. Home access is provided by

a)    DSL                      

b) FTTP                     

c) Cable                     

d) all of these

Ans. d


43.   Java script is a/an _____language.

a)    Programming      

b) application            

c) scripting                 

d) presenting

Ans. c


44. The unary operator type of returns………if the operand value is null

a)    “undefined”                     

b) “object”                   

c) “Boolean”  

d) “string”

 Ans. b


45.  The ……….. operator expects a left-side operand that is or can be converted to a string

a)    Comparison                    

b) in                            

c) instance of                 

d) logical

Ans. b


46.  Java script code is written inside file having extension________.

a)    Server side scripting language                       

b) Browser side scripting language

c) client side scripting language               

d) Both b & c

Ans. b


47.  The script tag must be placed in

a)    Head                   

b) head and body     

c) title and head                   

d) all of these

Ans. b


48.  The best products to sell in B2C  e-commerce are

a)    Small products                           

b) digital products   

c) specialty products                                    

d) fresh products

Ans. b


49.  All of the following are example of real security and privacy risks EXCEPT

a)    Hackers   

b) spam                      

c) viruses                   

d) identity theft

Ans. a


50. VAT is imposed

a)    Directly on consumer               

b) On final stage of production     

c) On first stage of production      

d) On all stages between production and final sale

Ans. d

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