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Employability skills exam paper 2019

E mployability skills exam paper 2019 for ES exams Preparation for all NCVT and SCVT Students. Employability Skills Exam Paper 2019 19/B/C...

Employability skills exam paper 2019 for ES exams Preparation for all NCVT and SCVT Students.

Employability Skills Exam Paper 2019

19/B/C/A/EMP.                                                                                                                                                      SET-2





TIME : 1 ½ HRS.MARKS : 50

Note: Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Choose the correct answer.


1. Which of the following, makes the sound “j”?

a) Gin              

b) game           

c) gap              

d) go


2. She-for a while

a) Are ailing                

b) is ailing        

c) has been ailing 

d) have been ailing


3. One of the type of sentence is:

a) Common sentence               

b) assertive sentence

c) proper sentence                   

d) abstract sentence


4. Small we go out for pizza tonight?

a) I know that                         

b) it’s very good          

c) I’m too tired                        

d) I’m so late


5. Which of the following is not an input device?

a) Touch pad               

b) mouse          

c) printer          

d) joystick


6. A picture that represents a file is called an-

a) Library        

b) start menu               

c) icon                         

d) double


7. What is the extension of files created in MS word

a) .dot             

b) .doc                         

c) .dom            

d) .txt


8. Which of the following is not a network edge?

a) PC               

b) smartphone’s           

c) servers         

d) switch


9. An example of communication channel is-

a) Feedback                 

b) face-to-face conversion      

c) context        

d) noise


10 . What does it mean to paraphrase?

a) To obscure               

b) To summarize          

c) To summarize          

d) to evaluate


11 . Which is not a component of commitement?

a) Solemn promise       

b) sacrifice       

c) ethics           

d) pact to perservere


12 . Shyness is a-

a) Mental illness          

b) behavior tendency              

c) reflex           

d) defect


13 .An external factors of SWOT-

a) Strength                  

b) weakness                 

c) opportunities           

d) greatness



14 . Supportive organization of RBI is –

a) IDBI           

b) ICICI          

c) IFCI                        

d) all of these


15 . Which organization is established for Agriculture and Rural development?

a) IFCI                       

b) EXIM          

c) IRBI                        



16. The essential characteristic of an entrepreneur -

a) Self-confidence       

b) weakness     

c) morality       

d) independent


17. Full form of ATM is-

a) Any time money                 

b) automatic teller machine

c) automatic money                 

d) assist time money


18. Which of the following countries has lowest rates of mining?

a) India            

b) japan                       

c) Germany                 

d) china


19. Using on line banking, you can-

a) use pass book          

b) Transfer money       

c) use debit bills          

d) use credit bills


20. Currently, the biggest steel producing country in the world is-

a) India            

b) America      

c) Germany     

d) China


21. Accident is a –

a) Misbehave               

b) expected event        

c) unexpected event     

d) All of these


22. For hand protection, you should use-

a) long-sleeve shirts                 

b) shield          

c) body harness                       

d) gloves


23. Which of the following is termed as biological?

a) Lithospher              

b) Non-living               

c) Living          

d) None of these


24. Animal dung is – waste

a) Biodegradable         

b) Non-biodegradable                         

c) Hazardous             

d) Toxic


25. Children below the age of should not be employed.

a) 14                

b) 15                

c) 16                

d) 18

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