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Employability skills ITI online Exam Paper Answer Key 2021

25 फरवरी 2021 को जो पेपर हुआ था ऑनलाइन आईटीआई के छात्रों का यह उसी पेपर की Answer Key है   Employability skills Previous year CBT Online Exa...

25 फरवरी 2021 को जो पेपर हुआ था ऑनलाइन आईटीआई के छात्रों का यह उसी पेपर की Answer Key है 

 Employability skills Previous year CBT Online Exam Question Paper Answer Key. This Question Paper is helpful for All ITI students because ES is a common subject for all trade students like: Fitter, Carpenter, COPA, Plumber, Electrician, Welder, Wireman etc.

Employability skills ITI Online Exam Paper 2021

1. In Excel, the intersection of a row and column is called a _________

A) cell           

B) label     


D) worksheet

 Ans. a

2. The study of living things in relation to their environment is called ……………

A) ecosystem      

B) economics     

C) ecology           

D) eclogue

Ans. c

3. Pronunciation refers to___________

A) diphthong        

B) consonant

C) punctuation      

D) production of sound

Ans. d

4. A written description of duties and responsibilities to be carried out in job is called

A. Resume                    


C. Job Description          

D. Job Application

Ans. c

5. Which one is a web based accounting software designed for modern business?

A) MS Access   

B) BUSY    

C) TALLY       


Ans. c

6. Which one is a cardinal number?

A) 10         

B) V          

C) VII        


Ans. a

7. Computer network that spans a regional, national or global area is called __________

A) LAN           

B) MAN     

C) WAN    


Ans. c

8. Earthquake is measured with an instrument called ____________

A) telegraph              

B) seismograph       

C) oscillograph          

D) bar graph

Ans. b

9. What is CPU          

A. Central Processing Unit   

B. Central Product Unit

C. Centric Product Unit        

D. Central Property Unit

Ans. a

10. What does “SERI” stand for?

A) Sorting out            

B) Self-discipline 

C) Standardization     

D) Systematic arrangement

Ans. a

11. Entrepreneurship is also termed as?

A. Employment seeker   

B. Self-employment

C. Employer                   

D. Investor

Ans. b

12. ILO Stands for?

A. international Labour Organization

B. Indian Labour Organization

C. Indian Labour Occupation

D. international Labour Occupation

Ans. a

13. The study of right and wrong in human endeavours is called __________

A) motivation       

B) self-awareness 

C) ethics   

D) goal

Ans. c

14. Fishbone chart is also called as .............

A) cause and effect diagram

B) scatter diagram    

C) control chart   

D) histogram

Ans. a

15. The reprocessing of discarded materials into new useful products is called....

A. Reuse of waste material

B. Recycling of material

C. Management of solid waste  

D. Reduction in use of raw material

Ans. b

16. The enterprises engaged in the production of goods is known as………

A) manufacturing enterprise 

B) service enterprises    

C) micro enterprises            

D) macro enterprises

Ans. a

17. Low level language is also called ___________

A) source code              

B) middle ware        

C) machine language     

D) assembly language

Ans. c

18. Low productivity will lead to ..................

A) job security                    

B) political stability   

C) decrease in GDP per capita      

D) increase in GDP per capita

Ans. c


19. A computer system consists of __________

A) software and program

B) hardware and software   

C) mouse and keyboard      

D) circuit diagram

Ans. b


20. Listening to songs only to derive pleasure comes under _________

A) critical listening   

B) therapeutic listening  

C) appreciative listening

D) comprehensive listening

Ans. c

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