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ITI Employability skills Most important Questions [110 MCQs PDF]

ITI Employability skills Most important Questions and answers 110 MCQs for ITI students NCVT/SCVT ES exam paper preparation with PDF. These ...

ITI Employability skills Most important Questions and answers 110 MCQs for ITI students NCVT/SCVT ES exam paper preparation with PDF. These all questions we collect from previous year question papers.

ITI Employability skills Important Questions

1. Which one of the following is a soft copy output device?

a) Monitor      

b) Printer        

c) Plotter                    

d)  card

Ans. a

2. Which one of the command is used to close all window operating system?

a) Help   

b) Exit             

c) Reset         

d) Shutdown

Ans. d

3. Hand protection is done in industries through__________.

a) Helmet       

b) Goggles     

c) Gloves       

d) Mask

Ans. b

4. The shortcut key for copy of the file is…….

a) Ctrl + A      

b) Ctrl + C      

c) Ctrl + X       

d) Ctrl +V

Ans. b

5. Which one of the following software is used for documents?

a) MS word                

b) MS Excel               

c) Media Player        

d) Paint & Brush

Ans. a

6. The Data is stored in a Hard disk as [Online Paper 2021]

a) Analog voltage     

b) Analog variable  

c) Zeros and ones    

d) DOS

Ans. c

7. Spread sheet are save with extension………

a) .xls              

b) .doc                        

c) .pdf             

d) .mp3

Ans. a

8. Where all the deleted files will be stored?

a) Personal folder    

b) Official Folder      

c) Recycle Bin                      

d) Compact Disk (CD)

Ans. c

9. Production work ______ due to strike or lockout.

a) Cost increase       

b) Panic increases               

c) Fatigue increases            

d) Stops

Ans. d

10. Communication is the act of transmitting and receiving.

a) Money       

b) iti portal   

c) Property     

d) Information

Ans. d

11. The communication used by Dogs by barking is…….

a) Sound       

b) Visual        

c) Body language    

d) Facial expression

Ans. a

12. Which one of the following is written communication?

a) Speech      

b) Discussion                       

c) Presentation                     

d) Report

Ans. d

13. What does this SMS mean

“R u de ?C u 2 nite”

a) You rude and cute                                  

b) Are you rude? I will cut you to down to size

c) Are you there? See you tonight                        

d) Are you dear? There is a queue at night.

Ans. c


14. Which are among the following should not included in your job resume?

a) Your name            

b) Your eating habits                      

c) Your address        

d) Your qualification

Ans. b

15. What does “ASAP” stand for in SMS language?

a) As silent as probable      

b) As soon as probable

c) As soon as possible        

d) As simple as possible

Ans. c

16. Which of the following is a long term goal?

a) study for the exams                                 

b) Become a manager in a big company

c) Complete a given homework                 

d) complete the diploma course successfully

Ans. b

17. Words that show the actions are called as……….

a) Nouns       

b) Verbs         

c) Adjective                

d) Pronouns

Ans. b

18. Which one is ordinal number?

a) Two            

b) Seventh    

c) Twenty       

d) Twelve

Ans. b


19. After receiving interview call, what is the next step?

a) Send application letter               

b) Prepare the resume

c) Appear at interview                     

d) Send resume

Ans. c

20. The vertical lines in an excel sheet are known as-

a) Rows                     

b) Columns               

c) Matrix                     

d) Pillars

Ans. b

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