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ITI COPA Previous year Question paper PDF 2018

ITI COPA Previous Year 2018, 2nd semester (Session 2017-2018) Original Theory Question Paper NCVT with Answer Key for Computer Operator and ...

ITI COPA Previous Year 2018, 2nd semester (Session 2017-2018) Original Theory Question Paper NCVT with Answer Key for Computer Operator and Programming Assistant Trade Students.

 NCVT COPA Question Paper 2018 






(SESSION 2017-2018) – NSQF LEVEL -4

TIME : 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                 MARKS: 30

Note: Attempt all the questions. All questions carry equal marks.


Choose the correct answer.

1. What mechanism in java script bundles the data and method to use them together?

a) Abstraction           

b) Encapsulation     

c) Inheritance           

d) Polymorphism

Ans. a


2. What is the output of the string in javascript

Var x = 3.759;


a) 4                 

b) 3                 

c) 3.7              

d) 3.8

Ans. a


3. What are java script cookies?

a) Anti-virus program          

b) User information stored in small text files

c) Built-in function in programming language

d) Web server development tool

Ans. b


4. Which is the correct way of declaring a variable in VBA?

a) Dim first name As String                        

b) Dim first_name As String

c) Dec first name as String             

d) Dec first name as String

Ans. b


5.What are attributes of an Object in VBA ?

a) Macros       

b) Property     

c) Methods    

d) Procedures

Ans. b


6. Which is a Date/Time function?

a) Mid( )           

b) Sign( )         

c) ISDATE( )               

d) MONTH( )

Ans. c


7. What is the output of the code:

Dim s As string;

S = “Wholebearted”

Debug.print mid (s, 6, 4) ?

a) Hear           

b) Eat              

c) Heart          

d) Whole

Ans. a


8. Which operator in javascriptis used to perform the OR operation?

a) &     

b) -      

c) |       

d) ^

Ans. c


9. Which scope variable is accessible from anywhere in the project that declares them and also other projects referring it?

a) Project scope        

b) Global scope        

c) Module scope       

d) Procedure scope

Ans. b


10. What is the function of Input box function?

a) To display box for user input    

b) To display error messages

c) To display pre-defined messages to users    

d) To allow selective validation of users input

Ans. a


11. What is the output when the part of the code is executed in VBA?

Dim Counter

Counter = 0

While Counter < 2

Counter = Counter + 1

Debug.Print ‘hello’


Debug. Print Counter

a) 0     

b) 2     

c) Hello 0       

d) Hello Hello 2

Ans. c


12. What can be sized or resized by using ReDim statement in VBA ?

a) Dynamic Array     

b) Integer       

c) Static Array           

d) String

Ans. a


13. What is the expansion of HTTP?

a) High Text Transfer Protocol       

b) High Tele Transfer Protocol

c) Hyper Tele Transfer Protocol     

d) Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

Ans. d


14. Which accounting entity states the financial position of an organization?

a) Asset          

b) Balance Sheet     

c) Journal      

d) Ledger

Ans. b


15. Which category of Asset Accounting does land and building fall into?

a) Current asset       

b) Fixed asset           

c) Fictious asset       

d) Intagible Asset

Ans. b


16. Which software is used to handle primary book of accounts and vouchers ?

a) Anti –Virus            

b) Tally           

c) JavaScript             

d) E-Commerce

Ans. b


17. Which is the book of first entry in Accounting?

a) Ledger       

b) Balance sheet      

c) Cashbook             

d) Journal

Ans. d


18. Which type of budget is designed for a year in advance?

a) current Budget     

b) Rolling budget     

c) Short term budget            

d) Long term budget

Ans. d


19. Which technology relies heavily on online transaction, electronic funds transfer and internet marketing?

a) Java Script            

b) E-Commerce        

c) Tally software       

d) Visual Basic Application

Ans. b


20. Which security threat involves sending unsolicited email in bulk to individuals for commercial gain and spreading malware?

a) Spam         

b) Phishing               

c) Denial of service              

d) Brute force attack

Ans. a


21. Which spying is used to hack company or government computer networks to obtain sensitive information?

a) Malware    

b) Cyber Espionage                        

c) Denial of service              

d) Social engineering

Ans. a


22. Which give the list of products on a website for selling in a E-Commerce site?

a) Online catalogue             

b) Check out page              

c) Shopping cart                   

d) Order processing page

Ans. c


23. What is the counter measure for phishing attack?

a) Use on-screen or virtual keyboard for login

b) Use long and complex password

c) Cross-checking the website url

d) Never keep sensitive information on mobile phone

Ans. c


24. Which is the standard macro language used in Microsoft Office products?

a) Netscape               

b) Visual Basic for Applications    

c) C language           

d)) Java Script

Ans. b


25. Which codes in HTML page is used  for inserting javaScript codes between them?

a) <js> and </js>                               

b) <script> and </script>     

c) <js = “name”> and </js>              

d) <javascript> and < /script>

Ans. b


26. What is output of the code in java script.

isNaN (50/0)?

a) 0                 

b) 50               

c) False          

d) True

Ans. c


27. What is the code to join two strings to get the result res as Hello world if

Var str1 = “Hello”;

Var str2 = “World”;

a) res = concat (str1, str2)               

b) var res = concat (str str2)

c) res = str1, concat(var str2)          

d) var res = str1, concat (str2)

Ans. d


28. Which is the relational operator used in JavaScript?

a) < =              

b) + +              

c) >>               

d) &

Ans. a


29. What is the output of the code in Java Script ?

a) x = true


a) 0                 

b) 1                 

c) 4                  

d) NaN

Ans. d


30. Which type of loop in Java Script, will always be executed once before checking. If the condition is true ?

a) For loop     

b) While loop                        

c) Do/ while   loop    

d) For/ in loop

Ans. c

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