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NIMI Question bank COPA mock test app MCQs

Mock test app Most important MCQ with answers for ITI Final Exam paper  PDF Download link is given in the last row of this page. NIMI Questi...

Mock test app Most important MCQ with answers for ITI Final Exam paper 

PDF Download link is given in the last row of this page.

NIMI Question Bank COPA Mock Test app MCQs

1. How many part are there in „For‟ loop?

a) 2 

b) 3 

c) 4 

d) 5

Ans. b

2. Which option is used to store the duplicate of the active document permanently?

a) Save 

b) Send

c) Save as 

d) Rename

Ans. c

3. Which feature is used to create a newspaper type document?

a) Tables

b) Tab stops

c) Columns

d) Bullets and numbering

Ans. c

4. How can we rectify the errors occurs while typing?

a) Auto entry

b) Auto add

c) Auto spell

d) Auto correct

Ans. d

5. What is called the unauthorized control/ access over the computer system and destroys the

data ?

a) Defamation

b) carding

c) Hacking

d) Cyber stalking

Ans. c

6. Which is called the collective terms of malicious software, such as viruses, worms and Trojans?

a) Spam 

b) Phishing 

c) Malware 

d) Harm

Ans. c

7. Which DOS command is used to create a text file?

a) Type 

b) List 

c) Copycon 

d) Dir

Ans. c

8. Which bar contains the current position of the cursor in MS Word?

a) Layout

b) title bar

c) status bar

d) horizontal ruler

Ans. c

9. Which shortcut key is used to copy and paste a file folder?

a) Ctrl + X and Ctrl + v

b) Ctrl + A and Ctrl + V

c) Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + V

d) Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

Ans. d

10. Which process is used to record data on to an optical disc?

a) Burning

b) Reading

c) Accepting

d) Accessing

Ans. a

11. Which key is used to open CMOS setup utility?

a) Alt 

b) Del 

c) Enter 

d) Tab

Ans. b

12. What is the return type of CSng function in VBA?

a) Boolean

b) Variant

c) Single

d) String

Ans. c

13. Which tool in MS Word is used to keep the familiar and repeated options?

a) Title bar

b) Task bar

c) Scroll bar

d) Quick access tool bar

Ans. d

14. Which is the model in E-Commerce, if the seller and the buyer are the both individuals?

a) Consumer to Business

b) Business to Consumer

c) Business to Business

d) Consumer to Consumer

Ans. d

15. What is the main electronic component of the first generation computer?

a) Integrated Circuit 

b) Microwave

c) Transistors 

d) Vaccum Tubes

Ans. d

16. Where does the minimized application reside in windows?

a) Task bar 

b) My computer

c) My Document 

d) Recent Document

Ans. a

17. What is the another name for keywords in VBA?

a) Literals 

b) Variables

c) User defined words 

d) Reserved words

Ans. d

18. Which group include superscript, subscript, strike through options in MS Word?

a) clipboard 

b) Font 

c) Paragraph 

d) Style

Ans. b

19. Which attribute is used with <td> tag to merge two cells horizontally?

a) Colspan = 2 

b) Rowspan = 2

c) Mergerows 

d) mergecols

Ans. a

20. Which programming language‟s syntax influence javascript syntax?

a) C 


c) JDK 

d) Java

Ans. a

21. Which one of the following is „no argument‟ function?

a) Now()

b) Lower()

c) Max()

d) IF()

Ans. a

22. What is the maximum number of character allowed as file name in DOS?

a) 3

b) 4

c) 6

d) 8

Ans. d

23. Which combination of key is used to save the information in Tally?

a) Ctrl + A

b) Ctrl + I

c) Ctrl + S

d) Ctrl + X

Ans. a

24. Which type of cable is used in 10 base-FL cable standard?

a) UTP 

b) STP

c) Co-axial 

d) Fibre optic

Ans. d

25. Which option is used to view an existing word document?

a) new

b) open

c) publish

d) prepare

Ans. b

26. Which is the another name called PDos?

a) Brute force attack

b) Non technical attack

c) Phlashing

d) smurf attack

Ans. c

27. Which item contains text, graphics, charts, sound, video, etc. in power point

a) Slides

b) Folder

c) Handouts

d) Desktop screen

Ans. a

28. Which area in MS Word is used to enter the text?

a) Work space

b) Work sheet

c) Slides

d) Work book

Ans. a

29. What will be the output of the following VBA code?

Debug.print format(#1/1/2017#, “yyyy/mm/dd”)

a) 1/1/2017

b) sun, jan01, 2017

c) 2017/01/01

d) Sunday, January 01, 2017

Ans. c

30. Which shortcut key is used to invoke thesaurus dialog box in Power Point?

a) Shift + F7

b) Ctrl + F7

c) Alt + F7

d) Ctrl + Alt + F7

Ans. a

31. Which tab is used to include pivot table, charts, hyperlinks to a spread sheet?

a) insert 

b) Page layout

c) Data 

d) Review

Ans. a

32. Which is a valid js code to sort element of an array trade?

a) Trade.sort: 

b) trade.sort();

c) sort.trade(); 

d) sort(trade);

Ans. b

33. What is the maximum speed supported by category 5 UTP cable?

a) 1mbps

b) 10 mbps

c) 100 mbps

d) 1000 mbps

Ans. c

34. Which function returns the hyperbolic cosine of the specified angle in VBA?

a) Abs()

b) Cos()

c) Cosh()

d) hcos()

Ans. c

35. Which of the following is logical operator in VBA?

a) +

b) –

c) *

d) And

Ans. d

36. What is the full form of BOM?

a) Browser object method

b) Browser object model

c) Browser Oriented Method

d) Browser Oriented Model

Ans. b

37. What is full form of CSS?

a) Computer style sheet

b) Cascading style sheet

c) Cascading system style

d) Customize style sheet

Ans. c

38. Which Linux command to set the permission „x‟ to user, „rw‟ to others and „rwx‟ to group for the

file launcher?

a) chmod 176 launcher

b) chmod 671 launcher

c) chmod 167 launcher

d) chmod 166 launcher

Ans. a

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