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Employability Skills Productivity Chapter MCQ for ITI Exams

Employability skills Productivity ITI MCQ Objective questions and answers for Final exams Preparation. All Question Collected From Bharat Sk...

Employability skills Productivity ITI MCQ Objective questions and answers for Final exams Preparation. All Question Collected From Bharat Skills Question Bank and NIMI APP Quiz/Mock Test.

Employability skills Productivity Chapter MCQ

1. During using ATM, Authentication is provided by customer by entering................

A) cash                      

B) IFSC                      

C) PIN                        


Ans : C

 2.“KAIZEN” means _______________

A) self-discipline       

B) preventive maintenance            

C) sorting out            

D) continuous improvement

Ans : D

3. Expansion of ATM is……..

A) Asynchronous Teller Machine 

B) Automated Teller Machine       

C) Automated Time Machine                     

D) Autonomous Time Machine

Ans : B

4. Production is defined as a ratio of …..

A) output / input       

B) input / output       

C) output / skill of workmanship    

D) input / skill of workmanship

Ans : A


5. The process used by a business to verify the identity of their client is……

A) GDP                      

B) KYC                      

C) ATM                       


Ans : B


6. What is the advantage of automation?

A) Reduced operation time                        

B) High initial cost  

C) Unpredictable development cost         

D) Security threats

Ans : A


7. What is the unemployment rate if there are 125 million people in the labor force, 100 million people employed and 25 million are not?

A) 25%                       

B) 20%                       

C) 17%                       

D) 15%

Ans : B


8. Which market determines the real wages and employment?

A) Capital market     

B) Labour market     

C) Money market      

D) Goods market

Ans : B


9. Which one is used to measure the economic performance of a whole country or region?

A) KYC                       

B) GDP                      

C) TFP                        


Ans : B


10. Which one of the following is NOT a category of pure risk?

A) Property risk          

B) Technology risk   

C) Liability risk                       

D) Personnel risk

Ans : B


11. Which one of the following is NOT an objective of incentive?

A) Improved quality   

B) High cost of production  

C) High output                       

D) Reduced waste

Ans : B


12. Which one of these documents is NOT acceptable for fulfilment of KYC norms?

A) Voter ID card         

B) Ration card                       

C) Residential certificate     

D) Income certificate

Ans : D


13. Which stage is a period of rapid revenue growth?

A) Growth stage        

B) Maturity stage       

C) Decline stage       

D) Introduction stage

Ans : A

14. Low productivity will lead to ..................

A) job security                                               

B) political stability  

C) decrease in GDP per capita                  

D) increase in GDP per capita

Ans : C

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