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ITI COPA Tough/Hard/Most Difficult Questions

COPA ITI ( सबसे ज्यादा बार गलत होने वाले सवाल) ITI COPA Tough Question 1. What is meant by current Date in Tally ? a) Calendar date b...

COPA ITI (सबसे ज्यादा बार गलत होने वाले सवाल)

ITI COPA Tough Question

1. What is meant by current Date in Tally?

a) Calendar date

b) Last voucher date

c) Last worked date

d) System date

Ans. c


2. What is the purpose of initialization (आरंभीकरण) part in ‘for’ loop?

a) exit the loop

b) evaluate the condition

c) increase or decrease the initial variable

d) initiate the variable

Ans. d

3. Which function key is used to record fund transfer between cash and bank account?

a) F4    

b) F5    

c) F6     

d) F7

Ans. a


4. Which function returns the day of the month (number from 1 to 31) given date value in VBA?

a) Day( )                  

b) Date( )

c) Month( )             

d) Datepart( )

Ans. a

5. Which combination of key is used to save the information in Tally?

a) Ctrl + A

b) Ctrl + L

c) Ctrl + S

c) Ctrl + X

Ans. a

Explain: you can directly save the entire voucher without asking y/n by pressing Ctrl + A


6. What is the another name called PDoS ?

a) Brute force attack

b) Non technical attack

c) Phlashing

d) Smurf attack

Ans. c

Explanation: This latter type of cyber-crime attack, a Permanent Denial of Service (PDoS) or "Phlashing"

7. Which is a valid js code to sort element of an array Trade?

a) Trade.sort;

b) Trade.sort();

c) sort.trade();

d) Sort.(trade);

Ans. b

8. What is the full form of “BOM” ?

a) Browser Object Method

b) Browser Object Model

c) Browser Oriented Method

d) Browser Oriented Model

Ans. b

9. Which tab is used to change the display of worksheet area and the data it contains?

a) Page Layout

b) Data

c) Review

d) View

Ans. d

Explanation: View tab helps to change the view of Excel sheet and make it easy to view the data. Also, this tab is useful for preparing the workbook for printing.


10. which device is  installed in a subscriber' telephone  line to allow both ADSI and regular voice (telephone) services to be used at the same time?

a) HUB                     

b) Switch

c) MODEM              

d) MicroFilter

Ans. d

ExplanationA special filter, called a microfilter, is installed on a subscriber's telephone line to allow both ADSL and regular voice (telephone) services to be used at the same time.

11. Which holder holds text, title and picture in power point?

a) Content holder

b) Image holder

c) Place holder

d) Slide holder

Ans. c

Explanation: A placeholder is a container that holds text and graphics, such as pictures, clip art, tables, charts and more.

12. How many levels of variable scope available in VBA?

a) 2       

b) 3      

c) 4       

d) 5

Ans. b

Explanation: Scope refers to the availability of a variable. There are three scoping levels: procedure-level, private module-level, and public module-level. You determine the scope of a variable when you declare it.

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