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COPA Question Paper 2021, 25 February Online

  COPA Online Paper 25 February 2021 ITI Theory Exam's Original MCQ Questions and answers all solutions for Computer Operator and Progr...


COPA Online Paper 25 February 2021 ITI Theory Exam's Original MCQ Questions and answers all solutions for Computer Operator and Programming Assistant Students.

COPA Question Paper 2021, 25 February 


1. What is E-Commerce?

a) Yahoo                          

b) Google

c) Internet Explorer       

d) Amazon

Ans. d

2. Which card permits online payment using balance amount available in bank account?

A Credit card      

B Paypal

C Debit card      

D Wallet

Ans. c


3. Which tool in MS office is best for organizing data and making lists?

A Access            

B Excel

C Power Point     

D Word

Ans. b

4. When the Indian parliament passed the IT Act?

A 1990     

B 1992     

C 2000     

D 2005

Ans. c

5. What is called sale or purchase of items without physically visiting a shop?

E - Commerce                        


C Traditional Commerce           

D E - Service

Ans. a

6. Which is a valid js code to sort element of an array trade?

A Trade.sort:            

B Trade.sort();

C Sort.trade();           

D Sort.(trade);

Ans. b


7. What is the process of writing instruction to be get executed by the computer?

A Debugging 

B Executing

C Presenting 

D Programming

Ans. d


8. Which key is used to stop a power point presentation?

A ESC           

B Tab       

C Ctrl       

D Enter

Ans. a

9. Which factor determines the cost of the product?

A Direct cost       

B Elements of cost

C Indirect cost     

D Standard cost

Ans. b

10. What is the another name for keywords in VBA?

A Literals                       

B Variables

C User defined words     

D Reserved words

Ans. d

11. What is called periodic assessment of security vulnerability in computer system?

A Threat              

B Attack

C Hacking           

D Security audit

Ans. d

12. Which process is used to record data on to an optical disc?

A Burning            

B Reading

C Accepting        

D Accessing

Ans. a

13. Which is the function of specifying access rights to resources related to information security?

A OTP                

B Pin

C Authoriztion     

D Passcode

Ans. c

14. Which book is used to record transactions relating to return of goods to suppliers?

A Purchase Book      

B Purchase Return Book

C Sales Book            

D Sales Return Book

Ans. b

15. Which acts as an intermediate between a user and a computer?

A Macros            

B Antivirus

C MS Office        

D Operating system

Ans. d

16. Which bar contains the current position of the cursor in MS Word?

A layout              

B title bar

C status bar        

D horizontal ruler

Ans. c

17. Where does the minimized application reside in windows?

A Task bar                

B My computer

C My Document        

D Recent documents

Ans. a

18How the directories under the root directory are called?

A dir                         

B path

C sub directories       

D tree

Ans. c

19. Which shortcut key is used to high light the entire word document?

A ctrl + A       

B ctrl + O

C ctrl + S       

D ctrl + E

Ans. a

20. Where does Excel come in object hierarchy of VBA?

A Range object              

B Workbook object

C Worksheet object        

D Application object

Ans. d

21. Which button allows a single choice within a limited set of mutually exclusive choice?

A Button             

B Option button

C Spin button      

D Toggle button

Ans. b

22. What is the first tag in html document?

A <html>       

B <head>

C <title>         

D </html>

 Ans. a

23. What is the full form of IP?

A internet protect      

B intranet protocol

C internet protocol    

D international protocol

Ans. c


24. Which web language give more control over the HTML elements and allows them to change at any time without returning to the Web server?

A BML      




Ans. d


25What is the purpose module (%) operator in javascript?

A Percentage value        

B Product value

C Remainder value         

D Quotient value

Ans. c

26. Which is an example for WAN?

A Ethernet                     

B Home network

C Campus network        

D Bluetooth network

 Ans. a

27. Which view allows to modify table’s structure in Access?

A Design view                

B Datasheet view

C Pivot table view          

D Pivot chart view

Ans. a


28. Which function in Excel is used to find the biggest value in a range?

A Ceiling 


C LEN      


Ans. d


29. What is referred to as buying and selling of goods?

A Normal account                

B Real account

C Profit and loss account     

D Trading account

Ans. d

30. What is called the collective terms of malicious software, such as viruses, worms and trojans?

A Spam    

B Phishing     

C Malware     

D Harm

Ans. c

31. Which is used to create user interface forms?

A C     

B VBA      

C HTML         

D Javascript

Ans. b

32. What is termed as excess of credit side total amount over debit side total amount in profit and loss account?

A Credit    

B Debit     

C Loss      

D Profit

Ans. d


33. Which term is used for the amount invested for starting a business by a person?

A Asset    

B Capital 

C Debit     

D Liabilities

Ans. b