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Web Browser MCQ Questions and Answers [PDF]

Web Browser MCQ Questions and Answers Web browser MCQ WWW internet related questions and answers for computer competitive exams (CCC, Delhi ...

Web Browser MCQ Questions and Answers

Web browser MCQ WWW internet related questions and answers for computer competitive exams (CCC, Delhi Police, GATE, COPA, CHSL etc.) with pdf Web browser's (Chrome, Internet explorer, Opera, Safari and Microsoft edge). These questions asked in many previous year exams. 

1. Documents in Microsoft One Drive can be edited using _____.

(a) online version of Microsoft office tools using browser

(b) installed version of Microsoft office tools

(c) both a & b

(d) none of them

Ans. c


2. Which document view given an appearance as in web browser?

A Draft view                          

B Outline view

C Web layout view               

D Full screen reading

Ans. c


3. What is the full form of BOM?

A Browser Object Method               

B Browser Object Model

C Browser Oriented Method          

D Browser Oriented Model

Ans. b


4. What is the purpose of Alt + W key in Tally?

A Change the financial period

B Invoke Tally Reference Manual

C Open default web browser

D Exist Tally without confirmation

Ans. c


5. What’s a web browser ?

a) A kind of spider

b) A computer that store www files

c) A person who likes to look at websites

d) A software program that allows you to access sites on the world wide web

Ans. d


6. A _____ is a document commonly written and is accessible through the internet or other network using a browser?

a) Accounts

b) Data

c) Web page

d) Search engine

Ans. c


7. Which of the following is used to read HTML code and to render Webpage?

a) Web Server           

b) Web Browser

c) Web Matrix            

d) Weboni

Ans. b


8. First Web Browser was created in _______.

a) 1991          

b) 1992

c) 1993          

d) 1990

Ans. d

9. First web browser was created by _______.

a) Tim Berners lee

b) Mozilla Foundation

c) Marc Andreessen

d) Jacobs

Ans. a


10. A free open source software version of Netscape was the developed called ______.

a) Opera Mini

b) IE

c) Google Chrome

d) Mozilla

Ans. d


11. Internal name for the old Netscape browser was _____.

a) Mozilla

b) Google Chrome

c) Opera Mini

d) IE

Ans. a


12. Which of the following is considered as latest browser?

a) Mosaic

b) Google Chrome

c) IE

d) Mozilla Firefox

Ans. b


13. The first widely used web browser was ______.

a) Mozilla

b) WorldWideWeb

c) NCSA Mosaic

d) heman

Ans. c


14. Name the first popular web browser is

a) IBM browser

b) Google chorme

c) Mozilla Firefox


Ans. d


15. Which of the following was the first web browser to handle all HTML 3 features?

a) Cello                      

b) Erwise       

c) UdiWWW              

d) Mosaic

Ans. c


16. Which of these rendering engine is used by Chrome web browser?

a) Gecko                   

b) Blink

c) Quantum              

d) Heetsoni

Ans. b

17. Which of the following is the oldest web browser still in general use?

a) Lynx

b) Safari

c) Internet Explorer

d) Navigator

Ans. a


18. When was Chrome web browser launched ?

a) 2002

b) 2003

c) 2004

d) 2008

Ans. d


19. Which of these tech company owns Firefox web browser?

a) Lenovo

b) IBM

c) Apple

d) Mozilla

Ans. d


20. Which of the following browsers were/are available for the Macintosh?

a) Opera

b) Safari

c) Netscape

d) All of these

Ans. d


21. What is the name of the browser developed and released by Google?

a) Chrome

b) GooglyGoogle

c) Heetson

d) Titanium

Ans. a

Explanation: Google released its own www browser in late 2008. It’s free and the version for Windows XP and Vista was released first. It provides enhanced security features, it addition to a speedy interface.


22. Which of the following are alternative names for mobile browsers?

a) microbrowser

b) wireless internet browser

c) minibrowser

d) All of these

Ans. d


23. Apple, Inc. joined the “browser wars” by developing its own browser. What is the name of this browser?

a) Opera

b) NetSurf

c) Internet Explorer

d) Safari

Ans. d

24. Some web browsers are intended for specific audiences. What is the target group of the ZAC Browser?

a) disgruntled postal workers

b) autistic children

c) hardcore gamers

d) librarians

Ans. b

Explanation: The acronym “ZAC” stands for “Zone for Autistic Children”. It was developed by the grandfather (John LeSieur) of an autistic child. The features are specifically designed to enhance the web browsing experience of autistic children and adolescents. It is available on the PC platform.


25. Nexus is first graphical web browser.

a) True

b) False

Ans. b

Explanation: Mosaic was the first browser to display images inline with text instead of displaying images in a separate window, while often described as the first graphical web browser.


26. The open source software version of netscape is ______

a) Chrome

b) Mozilla

c) internet Explorer

d) Erwise

Ans. b


27. Which of the following is an Indian Web Browser ?

a) Google Chrome

b) Safari

c) Epic

d) IE

Ans. c


28. Which of the following is a Web Browser ?


b) Notepad

c) Firefox

d) Word 2007

Ans. c


29. Which of the following is the latest web browser ?

a) Safari

b) Chrome

c) Microsoft Edge

d) Lynx

Ans. c


30. Which of the following browser has high speed browsing capacity ?

a) Chrome                 

b) Opera

c) UC browser           

d) Lynx

Ans. b

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