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Cyber security COPA ITI MCQ [Top Questions]

Cyber security COPA ITI MCQ questions and answers important for theory Exam paper NCVT/SCVT Cyber Security COPA ITI MCQ 1.   What is the fu...

Cyber security COPA ITI MCQ questions and answers important for theory Exam paper NCVT/SCVT

Cyber Security COPA ITI MCQ

1.  What is the full form of LDAP?

A Light Weight Directory Access Provider           

B Light Weight Directory Access Protocol

C Light Weight Directory Access Program          

D Light Weight Directory Access Protection

Ans. b


2.  What is called the collective terms of malicious software, such as viruses, worms and trojans?

A Spam          

B Phishing    

C Malware     

D Harm

Ans. c

3.  What is the full form of CIA under information security?

A Confidentiality Integrity Availability      

B Criminal Investigation Agency

C Cost Information Agency                        

D Credit Integrity Assement

Ans. a


4.  What is called a single point of access for several networking services?

A Phishing    

B Web service          

C Directory service              

D Worms

Ans. c


5.  Which activities endanger the sovereignty and integrity of nation?

A Cyber Terrorism    

B Cyber vandalism              

C Cyber squatting    

D Carding

Ans. a


6.  Which crime involves the use of computer networks to create, distribute or access materials tha sexually expoit underage persons?

A Assault by Threat             

B Cyber squatting    

C Cyber vandalism              

D Child pornography

Ans. d


7.  Which method go through all the files or network elements with an intention to detect something unusual?

A Probing      

B Phishing    

C Infecting    

D Scanning

Ans. d

8. What is called the protection of information and data from unauthorized Access?

A Physical security             

B Link security        

C Risk management          

D Information security

Ans. d

9.  When the Indian parliament passed the IT Act? [Online Paper 2021]

A) 1990                                  

B) 1992         

C) 2000                                  

D) 2005

Ans. c


10.  What is called protecting data from online attacks, deletions, malwares? [Online Paper 2021]

A) Physical security                        

B) Cyber security    

C) Cyber attack                                

D) Virus

Ans. b


11. Cyber security is also called as _______ security?

a) Criminal                

b) Information Technology

c) National                 

d) International

Ans. b


12. Which of the following is an anti-virus program?

a) Nortron

b) K7

c) Quick heal

d) All of these

Ans. d


13. ______ monitors user activity on internet and transmit that information in the background to someone else.

a) Malware

b) Spyware

c) Adware

d) None of these

Ans. b


14. Passwords are used to improve the _______ of a network.

a) Performance

b) Reliability

c) Security

d) Longevity

Ans. c


15. Where might a spammer get your personal information from?

a) Facebook              

b) MySpace        

c) Linkedin           

d) All of these

Ans. d