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Employability skills Question Paper for ITI 2013

ITI ES Previous Year Question Paper 2014 in Hindi with Answer key Solution for All Trade Students like: COPA, Fitter, Steno English/Hindi, E...

ITI ES Previous Year Question Paper 2014 in Hindi with Answer key Solution for All Trade Students like: COPA, Fitter, Steno English/Hindi, Electrician, Plumber, Machinist etc.

 Employability skills Question Paper for ITI 

सेमेस्टर प्रणाली पर आधारित पेपर – January 2014

Trade  : Theory                                                                     प्रथम सत्र Time : 1½ Hrs.

Subject : Employability skills       Morning                                     Total Marks : 50



1. कंप्यूटर से बनाया जाता है .............?

a) सर्किट आरेख             

b) सॉफ्टवेयर और कार्यक्रम     

c) हार्डवेयर और सॉफ्टवेयर           

d) हार्डवेयर और सर्किट

Ans. b


2. CPU का मतलब है ........?

a) केंद्रीय कार्यक्रम इकाई       

b) सेंट्रल प्रोसेसिंग यूनिट  

c) केंद्रीय योजना इकाई        

d) केंद्रीय प्रोग्रेस इकाई

Ans. b


3. Window XP क्या है ?

a) ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टम           

b) संग्रहण सिस्टम

c) प्रोसेसर                 

d) आउटपुट डिवाइस

Ans. a


4. फाइल को कट करने के लिए शॉर्टकट की चयनित फाइल है .........?

a) Ctrl + A        

b) Ctrl + C        

c) Ctrl + X        

d) Ctrl + V

Ans. c


5. एक ही कमरे में दो या दो से अधिक computers को परस्पर रूप में कहा जाता है .........?

a) LAN                    

b) WAN                      

c) MAN                       

d) CAN

Ans. a


6. शब्द फाइल का एक्सटेंशन है .........?

a) .doc      

b) .xls         

c) .text      

d) .ppt

Ans. a


7. फोन लाइन और मॉडेम कनेक्शन का उपयोग करके इन्टरनेट से कनेक्शन के रूप में कहा जाता है ....?

a) ब्रॉड बैंड      

b) डिश         

c) डिजिटल          

d) डायल up

Ans. a


8. कौन सा मॉडेम है जो बिना केबिल से हवा के माध्यम से डाटा का संकेत संचारित करने के लिए प्रयोग किया जाता है ?

a) बाहरी मॉडेम   

b) अतिरिक्त मोडेम       

c) वायरलेस मॉडेम      

d) एडिसिअल मॉडेम

Ans. c


9. माइक्रोसॉफ्ट power पॉइंट प्रयोग किया जाता है ..........

a) प्रस्तुति बनाने के लिए          

b) कार्यक्रम लिखने के लिए       

c) वर्कशीट तैयार करने के लिए       

d) वर्कबुक बनाने के लिए

Ans. a


10. The ‘Undo’ button on the quick access tool bar is used to ………..

a)  दस्तावेज में परिवर्तन करने के लिए    

b) दस्तावेज से डाटा हटाना

c) मार्ग में डेटा बदलना             

d) अंतिम क्रिया को उल्टा करना

Ans. d


11. Fill in the blanks with suitable proposition from the given choices.

It was not possible ……….All trainees to attend the classes yesterday.

a) of                 

b) for               

c) to                 

d) by

Ans. b


12. Choose an appropriate recommendation for the following problem.

Problem : The computer is very slow and takes time to complete any work.

a) Get a new computer                                    

b) We should buy a new computer

c) New computer would be wonderful           

d) Old computer is still good

Ans. b


13. What does this SMS mean

“R u de ?C u 2 nite”

a) You rude and cute                          

b) Are you rude? I will cut you to down to size

c) Are you there? See you tonight      

d) Are you dear? There is a queue at night.

Ans. c


14. Fill in the blanks with a suitable “Wh” word for the given sentence.

………….. are you living?

a) When          

b) What           

c) Where          

d) Why

Ans. c


15. Fill in the blanks with suitable tense verb. Vinod…… the length of the table and noted it down.

a) Measure       

b) Will measure           

c) Shall Measure          

d) Measured

Ans. d


16. Which are among the following should not included in your job resume?

a) Your name              

b) Your eating habits              

c) Your address           

d) Your qualification

Ans. b


17. “Hello Raj. This is  Mohan. I received the book on Abdul Kalam by courier yesterday”. In this conversation who is the receiver of the message?

a) Mohan                     

b) Courier                    

c) Raj                           

d) Abdul Kalam

Ans. c


18. What is the appropriate response for the following telephonic query?

a) Telephone operator : Hello, this is SVS

Electronics. Can I help you ?

a) When did you mail your resume yesterday

b) I like coffee, do you ?

c) Yes, I am Karthik, I would like to speak to your M.D.

d) I finished my homework now

Ans. c


19. Identify the kind of communication used in the following “ Please find the assignment attached”

a) Memo          

b) SMS            

c) Telephone conversation      

d) E-mail

Ans. d


20. You withdraw Rs. 500/- which of the following would be the effectively correct action?

a) Make a complaint at the nearest branch of the bank

b) Take the money

c) Drop the money to the poor

d) Give the money to the poor

Ans. a


21. Which of the following is an achievable personal gowl?

a) I want to become pilot ( said by a child)

b) I want to become a superstar ( said by a youngster)

c) I want to complete this project in two months ( said by a student)

d) I want to buy a big house. ( said by an Unemployed person)

Ans. c


22. What does “ASAP” stand for in SMS language?

a) As silent as probable           

b) As soon as probable

c) As soon as possible             

d) As simple as possible

Ans. c


23. Which of the following is a long term goal?

a) study for the exams

b) Become a manager in a big company

c) Complete a given homework

d) complete the diploma course successfully

Ans. b


24. Which sentence expresses your agreement in a group discussion?

a) Let me try to understand your view

b) Personally I don’t think it is like that

c) I accept your view point on this issue

d) Yes, but people don’t actually do such things.

Ans. c


25. What is the problem with the following message? A meeting is called to discuss the function on the October 18, 2013.

a) The message threatens the receiver

b) The message is over emotional

c) The message is judgemental

d) The message is ambiguous

Ans. c

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