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Employability skills Question Paper in English 2013

ES ITI Previous Year Question Paper 2013 NCVT for All Trade Students like: COPA, Fitter, Electrician, Plumber, Welder, Painter, Carpenter, S...

ES ITI Previous Year Question Paper 2013 NCVT for All Trade Students like: COPA, Fitter, Electrician, Plumber, Welder, Painter, Carpenter, Steno English/Hindi etc.

 Employability skills Question Paper in English 

13/B/C/S-1/2               SEMESTER – 1                               Total time: 1hrs

                                  Employability skills                             Total Marks: 50


1. Input device of a computer is  ………..

a) Monitor       

b) Printer         

c) Key board               


Ans. c


2. Which one of the following is a soft copy output device?

a) Monitor       

b) Printer         

c) Plotter                     

d) Punch card

Ans. a


3. Which one of the command is used to close all window operating system?

a) Close           

b) Exit             

c) Reset           

d) Shutdown

Ans. d


4. WWW stands for………

a) world wide web      

b) world wild web      

c) word wide web       

d) world web wide

Ans. a


5. The shortcut key for copy of the file is…….

a) Ctrl + A       

b) Ctrl + C       

c) Ctrl + X       

d) Ctrl +V

Ans. b


6. Which one of the following software is used for documents?

a) MS word     

b) MS Excel    

c) Media Player           

d) Paint & Brush

Ans. a


7. The Data is stored in a Hard disk as

a) Analog voltage        

b) Analog variable       

c) Zeros and ones        

d) DOS

Ans. c


8. The advantage of USB connector is ……

a) Web integration                  

b) Multiple display support    

c) Power Management            

d) Add devices without restarting

Ans. d


9. Spread sheet are save with extension………

a) .xls               

b) .doc             

c) .pdf             

d) .mp3

Ans. a


10.Where all the deleted files will be stored?

a) Personal folder        

b) Official Folder        

c) Recycle Bin             

d) Compact Disk (CD)

Ans. c


11. Choose an appropriate with question for the following sentence.  I live in Kolcutta.

a) Where do you live?                          

b) When did you leave Kolcutta?

c) What is your native place?              

d) Do you love living in Kolcutta?

Ans. a


12. Fill in the blanks with suitable place, prepositions. We had dinner …….The train.

a) an                

b) at                 

c) in                 

d) on

Ans. c


13. What is the appropriate response of the following greeting Yashwant: Hi, I am Yashwant, How are You? I have jointed as Chief Medical Officer

a) OK so what ?         

b) Oh, bye them!

c) Hi, I am fine, Nice meeting you, I am vinay, I work as Director of Medical Services.

d) I am working and I am very busy. See you tomorrow

Ans. c


14. Fill in the blank with a suitable tense verb. I ………… (write) an English test yesterday.

a) written         

b) will write     

c) shall write    

d) wrote

Ans. d


15. “Hello Ram singh. This is Surjit singh. I receive letter on about Ravishankar’s function by speed post yesterday”. In this conversation who is the receiver of the message ?

a) Ram singh                

b) Surjt singh              

c) Ravi shankar            

d) Speed post

Ans. a


16. Which are among the following should not included in any kind of prescribed format report?

a) Survey reports         

b) Written documents             

c) Project documents              

d) Medical reports

Ans. d


17. What is the appropriate response for the following telephone query?     

Telephonic operator : Hello this is private Hospital. Can I help you?

a) I finished my regular work now                

b) I like sweet, do you?

c) Yes, I am Arun, I would like to speak to your Chief Doctor        

d) When did you mail your resume yesterday?

Ans. c


18. What is the appropriate response for the following telephonic query?

Saranya Can you please send an Electrician for checking my fan in reading room?

a) Where are you working madam?

b) I don’t think we have any one available

c) Sure Madam, we will send on Electrician at the earliest. Can you give me your address?

d) I am working and I am very busy please call us tomorrow?

Ans. c


19. Communication is the act of transmitting and receiving.

a) Money         

b) Award         

c) Property      

d) Information

Ans. d


20. The communication used by Dogs by barking is…….

a) Sound          

b) Visual          

c) Body language        

d) Facial expression

Ans. a


21. What is the percentage of body language during face to face communication?

a) 27%             

b) 38%             

c) 55%             

d) 60 %

Ans. c


22. Which one action is the low level thinking?

a) Comprehension       

b) Analysis      

c) Evaluating               

d) Application

Ans. d


23. What is the full form of the short message service of “FAQ” ?

a) Frequently answered question        

b) Frequently asked question

c) Feely answered question                 

d) Formerly asked question

Ans. b


24. Which one of the following is written communication?

a) Speech         

b) Discussion               

c) Presentation                        

d) Report

Ans. d


25. What type of Question is asked to measure the candidates level of confidence and his ability in an interview.

a) Why do you think you should get this job?

b) What is your greatest achievement?

c) Where do you see yourself five years from now?

d) How would others describe you?

Ans. c

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