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ITI COPA html MCQ Questions [Most Important]

ITI COPA html MCQ computer questions and answers for ITI Theory Exam Paper Preparation NCVT/SCVT web designing all questions collected from ...

ITI COPA html MCQ computer questions and answers for ITI Theory Exam Paper Preparation NCVT/SCVT web designing all questions collected from Bharat skills Question Bank.


 1. HTML is what type of language

a) Scripting language                     

b) Markup language                       

c) Programming language             

d) Network protocol

Ans. b

2.What is the first tag in html document?

A) <html>        

B) <head>      

C) <title>         

D) </html>

Ans. a

3. Which html tag inserts a line horizontally in a page?

A) <lr> 

B) <l>              

C) <hr>           

D) <line>

Ans. c


4. What are the two main parts, available in html document?

A) Title and Body           

B) Head and title

C) Head and Body         

D) Head and document

Ans. c


5. Which character in html is used to indicate end tag?


B) /                  


D) <#

Ans. b


6. Which symbols starts with html comments?

A) <!                      

B) </                 

C) <#               

D) <\

Ans. a


7. Which attribute is used with <td> tag to merge two cells horizontally?

A) Colspan = 2          

B) Rowspan = 2

C) Mergerows            

D) mergecols

Ans. a


8. Which tag creates a checkbox for a form in html?

A <check box>                      

B <input check box>

C <input = check box>        

D <input type = “check box”>

Ans. d


9. Which html tag is used to add a row in a table?

A <tr> and </tr>         

B <cr> and </cr>

C <th> and </th>      

D <td> and </td>

Ans. a


10. Which html tag is used to divide a row into data cells?

A <tr> and </tr>         

B <cr> and </cr>

C <th> and </th>      

D <td> and </td>

Ans. d


12. Which is the correct syntax for adding alternate text for image, if the image cannot be displayed?

A <img src = “boat.gif” alt = “big boat”>    

B <img src = “boat.gif” alt text = “big boat”/>

C <img src = “boat.gif” alternate = “big boat”/>

D <img src = “boat.gif” alternate text = “big boat”/>

Ans. a


13. Which is the correct H1 tag for right alignment?

A <h1 align = “right”>.....</h1>      

B <h1 tag align = “right”>.....</h1>

C <h1 align = “r”>.....</h1> 

D <h1 alignment = “right”>.....</h1>

Ans. a


14. What is the correct syntax for making a hyperlink?

A <http: // “https://www.myheetson.blogspot.com”</a>

B <url = “https: // www.myheetson.blogspot.com”>heetson

C <a href = “https:// www.myheetson.blogspot.com”>heetson</a>

D <a ref = “https:// www.myheetson.blogspot.com”>heetosn</a>

Ans. c


15. Which is the correct tag for adding iframe in html?

A <iframe https://www.myheetson.blogspot.com></iframe>

B <iframe =”https:// www.myheetson.blogspot.com”></iframe>

C <iframe src = “https://www.myheetson.blogspot.com”></iframe>

D <iframe href = “https:// www.myheetson.blogspot.com”></iframe>

Ans. c


16. what is the correct html tag for adding a background color?

A <body color = “Yellow”>                  

B <body bgcolor = “Yellow”>

C <body background = “Yellow”>      

D <body bg = “Yellow”>

Ans. b


17. How do you add a link which will allow the visitor to send an email from the page?

A <a href = “mailto : youradderss”>                

B <a href = “sendmailtoyour address”>

C <a=”mailto”>                                                   

D <href = “mailto”>

Ans. a


18. What will happen, If the background image is smaller than the screen, what will happen?

A It will be stretched

B It will leave a blank space at the bottom of the page

C It will leave a blank space at the top of the page

D It will be repeated

Ans. d


19. which is the correct html tag for making a text input field?

A <text type = “Text”>                

B <input type = “text”>

C <input type = “textfield”>      

D <input type = “textbox”>

 Ans. b


20. Which is the correct html tag for creating password field?

A <text type = “password”> 

B <input type = “pwd”>

C <input type = “password”>          

D <input type = “passcode”>

Ans. c


21. What is the correct html code for inserting a background image?

A <Body background = “image jpg”>        

B <body = “image.jpg”>

C <background = “image.jpg”>                  

D <body background = image.jpg>

Ans. a


22. Which option will match, while making bulleted list?

A Square, disc, polygon                

B triangle, disc, circle

C triangle, square, circle                

D disc, circle, square

Ans. d


23. What is the meaning of increase the cell padding?

A Increase the thickness of table border

B Increase the space between cells

C Increase the distance between cell and content

D Increase the no of cells

Ans. c


24. Which property of cells will how many rows a cell should span?

A Colspan = 5           

B Rowspan = 5

C Cellspan = 5         

D Span = 5

Ans. b


25. Which web language give more control over the HTML elements and allows them to change at any time without returning to the Web server?

A BML            

B XML            

C HTML         


Ans. d

26. What is the use of forms in HTML?

A To display a table                        

B To display a list

C To send the data to server         

D To display email contents

Ans. c

27. HTML was created by _____.

(a) Brian Kernighan                        

(b) Tim Berners-Lee

(c) Dennis Ritchie                

(d) James Gosling

Ans. b

28. “.htm or .html” is extension of______.

a) Web page source text                 

b) image         

c) video          

d) pc application

Ans. a

29. HTML tags are surrounded by which type of brackets?

a) Curly                      

b) Round       

c) Squart                    

d) Angle

Ans. d

30. The HTML tags are ______

a) in lower case        

b) in upper case       

c) case sensitive      

d) not case sensitive

Ans. d