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ITI Steno English Paper | 2018 Theory NCVT

ITI Steno English previous years 2018 Question Paper for Final exams Preparation with Answer key Solution. ITI Steno English Paper ...

ITI Steno English previous years 2018 Question Paper for Final exams Preparation with Answer key Solution.

ITI Steno English Paper


Paper – 1




TIME : 3 HRS.                                                                                        MARKS : 30

Note: Attempt all questions. All questions equal marks.


Choose the correct answer:-

1. Virtual Office ensures that _________ processing functions are being automated through sophisticated electronic systems.

a) Information                      

b) Environment       

c) Culture                 

d) None of these


2. Companies, independent business executive and public figures often hire_____ to help them manage their routine affairs like mailing correspondence, filing, making appointments, arranging meeting, collecting information etc.

a) Private Secretary                        

b) Under Secretary

c) Company Secretary                   

d) Govt. Secretary


3. One of the important parts of Office Environment is _______.

a) Office layout        

b) Work Flow            

c) Work System                   

d) Interior Decoration


4. Office Manager is a business professional who is responsible for a diverse set of _____ task.

a) Administrative     

b) Accounting          

c) Marketing             

d) Human resource management


5. Planning of Office Layout is essential to use the _____the most economically.

a) Space                   

b) Lighting                

c) Office flow            

d) Office system


6. Establishing an overdraft facility with a bank can help an individual or small business to deal with _______ cash flow problems.

a) Short term            

b) long term              

c) Permanent           

d) None of these


7. A ______ Machine prints postal stamps.

a) Franking              

b) Laser                     

c) Addressing          

d) Scanning


8. A ________ serves as an information warehouse for an office, organize and maintains hard copy and electronic files, and generates correspondence.

a) Private Secretary            

b) Human Resource Professional

c) Marketing Manager        

d) None of these


9. Which out of the following is an important merit of using office machines?

a) High cost                          

b) Saving of labour

c) Requirement of additional space

d) Requirement of special skills for operation


10. A Post Office does not have the facility of ____

a) Money order        

b) Speed post          

c) Bank draft            

d) E-payment


11. A tool that outlines a candidate’s skills and experiences so that the employer can see, at glance, how he/she can contribute to the employer’s workplace is termed as.

a) Report                   

b) Resume               

c) Summary              

d) Presentation


12. In Chronological  Classification of filling records are filed and arranged.

a) Relating to a subject                              

b) In strict data order

c) On geographical origin of papers        

d) In strict numerical order


13. Which of the following is the first cell in Excel Worksheet contain?

a) AA             

b) A1              

c) Aa              

d) None of these


14. In Excel, how many maximum worksheets a workbook contain?

a) 13              

b) 28              

c) 256            

d) 356


15. ________ can best be described as a presentation graphic program.

a) Word         

b) Excel         

c) Power point         

d) Desktop


16. A file which contains________ system that can be used for a presentation is called Template.

a) Animated             

b) Readymade         

c) Speed                   

d) None of these


17. Special effect used to introduce slides in a presentationare called.

a) Effects      

b) Custom animations        

c) Transitions           

d) Preset animations


18. Electronic mail has the advantage of _____

a) Record keeping              

b) Cost                      

c) Speed       

d) All of these


19. When accessing the internet through ______, a modem is not required.

a) LAN           

b) Wi Fi         

c) Cable        

d) None of these


20. A computer_____ is a software program that has been intentionally created to cause a user grief, spread to other computers, or destroy data on an individual’s computer.

a) Simplex    

b) Virus         

c) Duplex                  

d) None of these


21. In a worksheet you can select

a) The entire worksheet                 

b) Rows        

c) Columns              

d) All of these


22. Which of the following helps in making note outlines for teachers which facilitate project presentations, communication of planning etc.?

a) Excel         

b) Word         

c) Desktop Publishing       

d) Power Point Presentation


23. A new presentation can be created from:

a) Blank Presentation                    

b) From Existing Presentation

c) From Design Template              

d) All of these


24. All formulas in excel starts from:

a) /                  

b) *                 

c) $                 

d) =


25. Which types of charts can excel produce?

a) Line graphs and pie charts only                      

b) Only line graphs

c) Bar charts, line graphs and pie charts            

d) Bar charts and line graphs only


26. A bullet slide helps in

a) Justifying margins                      

b) Presenting material consisting of text and numbers

c) Creating Presentations             

d) All of these


27. A cell in Excel becomes active by:

a) Pressing an arrow key               

b) Clicking the cell

c) Pressing the Tab key                 

d) All of these


28. In excel, we have _____ which helps us to quickly fill cells with repetitive sequential data.

a) Auto sum             

b) Auto repeat          

c) Auto fill                 

d) Fill auto


29. Which of the following setup options cannot be set in the page setup dialog box?

a) Printer selection             

b) Vertical or horizontal placement

c) Orientation                       

d) Row and columns titles


30. What is the intersection of a column and a row on a worksheet called.

a) Column                

b) Values                  

c) Address                

d) Cell



1-a, 2-a, 3-a, 4-a, 5-a, 6-a, 7-a, 8-a, 9-b, 10-d, 11-b, 12-b, 13-b, 14-c, 15-c, 16-b, 17-c, 18-d, 19-b, 20-b, 21-d, 22-d, 23-d, 24-d, 25-c, 26-b, 27-d, 28-c, 29-d, 30-d

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